Senior Consulting Management Strategist and Technical Author

September 2017 – Present

Consulting mandates for diverse enterprise and B2B customers:

Consulting mandatefor an on-line manufacture-to-order service

  • Writing user manuals for customer service and documenting manufacturing standard operating processes. The result was improved and more uniform employee performance and standardized training.
  • RFP strategy and content that resulted in a request to present their solution to a charter bank.
  • Writing video commercial scripts and telephone sales scripts. The impact was that clear, repeatable messages were communicated to key marketing personas.
  • Interviewed production team and management recommended short and long term process improvements to reduce waste, production errors as well as analytics to identify when production errors occurred.


Freight brokerageclients had specific documentation needs

  • Documenting logistics basics for the training of new dispatchers who are new to the industry.
  • Implemented a CRM for the dispatch and sales team to have a single source of truth for customer records. This resulted in improved communication and reduced error.
  • Documenting best practices for dispatch management software so that operations could be could be undertaken correctly according to company policies at a NJ-based brokerage.
  • Strategic process mapping and transformation for a logistics firm including HR polices and formalized business processes.


Ayuda Media Systems– Consulting Mandate for a digital and static advertising system

  • User documentation for digital and static out of home (OOH) advertising enterprise resource planning system. Deliverables included a new knowledge base, user information portal and product communications and graphic design.
  • Drafting white papers and technical marketing copy.
  • Wrote the in-house dictionary, bringing standardization to product nomenclature.
  • Developing two dozen user personas and more than 100 golden paths. The impact was that multiple departments in offices around the world had a shared understanding of who the users were and how they interacted with each other. The value of the golden paths is that consistent best practices can be recommended by sales, support and account managers.
  • Prototyping user interfaces for new and updates to existing features, and working with product owners and developers to ensure that the goals for new features are met and unintended impacts minimized.
  • Strategic product design: identified coverage gaps in a poorly differentiated product by interviewing existing customers. Mapping customer business processes allowed for the setting of clear priorities by product and development managers.
  • Wrote, designed and implemented mail blasts.
  • Developed business specs to innovate new dashboards for insight into sales manager, sales territory and sales agent performance, and additional dashboards for executives, and operations teams that had the least impact on development. The result was trend insight at a glance without needing to wade through many separate reports. This also improved product differentiation considerably as no other competing product has similar analytics.


Various other clients

  • Reviewing resumes and screening candidates for a variety of resumes for clients including senior developers, call centre agents, shippers, et cetera resulting in several successful hires.
  • Quoting and ordering system software gap analysis for a NYC-based manufacturer so that cost of goods, task completion and critical tasks could be monitored and the impact of new systems on HR including updated contracts, training and performance reviews.
  • Deployed and customized a CRM for a NJ-based realtor.
  • Developed innovative marketing strategy and materials for a NYC-based financial service specializing in New York State Tax Court appeals.
  • Gap analysis of a NJ-based software firm’s ERP.
  • Business analytic and workflow design for an order fulfillment business. The result was improved priority setting for development teams.
  • Business process mapping and transformation for a medical clinic’s customer service and triaging operations.
  • Business and product analysis for a freight and logistics startup. Product Design included user interface and workflow analysis. This culminated in extensive report and dashboard design so that logistics managers, executives, dispatchers, drivers, bookkeepers/finance, shippers and consignees could visualize orders and process quickly and efficiently.
  • Created marketing materials for a financial litigator with expertise in construction. Led the creation of marketing materials for a firm specializing in selling rental condos, and that of a designer window treatment supplier. Materials were created on time and under budget, and had an immediate positive impact on sales.
  • Writing core marketing content for a cultural business; developing and implementing a go to market web site.



  • Presented on the strategic management of technology products using personas, problem statements and portfolios at the Knowledge in an Interdisciplinary Society conference held by the London Centre for Interdisciplinary Knowledge at the University of London (Birkbeck).


Senior Technical Writer – Business and Product Analyst

December 2015 – August 2017| Asset Science

Asset Science is a leading designer and provider of a new generation of testing and diagnostic software tools, factory Desktop as a Service (DASS) tools, as well as intelligent, dynamic reporting, for wireless device remanufacturers in North America and Europe.

  • Prototyped new role-based dashboards for executives, factory managers and team leaders, reports, and developed innovative industry metrics. The result was an expansive but practical product vision. It improved investor confidence and reassured existing customers that the company had a coherent vision of the market, customer needs and the product’s future.
  • Created daily sales operations reports that monitored pilot and current customer financial and product performance.
  • Documented client current practices. The result was deep insight into their current baselines so that production line improvements could be recommended by experts on our team.
  • Wrote business specs for new products that maximized current IP and differentiated corporate offerings.
  • Updated the product backlog to ensure that new features, use cases, stories and epics were complete, coherent and had clear business and revenue objectives.
  • Authored and co-authored reports to the executive and the board so that effective decisions were made quickly.
  • Daily management of the product team’s activities tasks and goals. The result was a successful ramp up of a new product direction, with a new UI, marketing and educational materials. I created tactical paths of execution, including project phases, milestones, tasks and timelines.
  • Implemented a new sales pipeline. The result was improved insight into sales activity and improved sales department performance.
  • Created effective marketing materials, oversaw the development of a new company web site; ensured teamwork to develop branding for the company and its product portfolio. The impact was that the sales team was overwhelmed with new leads in only three months.
  • Produced multimedia assets including technical and marketing photography and images and video in house along with the digital asset management and document processes needed to regularize use. The result has been that multimedia projects happened quickly, were on time and on budget.
  • Coaching and training colleagues on tools as well as business methods.
  • Authored technical marketing documents, presentations and role-based user guides that ensured quick market uptake and customer autonomy. The results were improved satisfaction and shorter tech support queues.


Consulting Technical Writer

March 2015 – October 2015 | The Armored Group

Consulting mandate for documenting the retrofitting of armoured vehicles.

  • This includes teardown and gutting of fleet vehicles to upgrade the interiors and the security systems so that customizations can take place at facilities around the world, by technicians speaking a variety of languages and with different reading levels.
  • The project involved extensive on site vehicular industrial photography. The result was a clearly explained manufacturing process that can be understood quickly.
  • Wiring harness illustrations were also used to explain the retrofit. As equipment often spanned multiple compartments and systems, easy to understand circuit drawings ensured that work could be undertaken with a clear understanding of the equipment to be installed.
  • Documentation included power, audio, video, countermeasures, biometric, security and systems integration.
  • 4000 photographs needed to document the process and show the step-by-step production process to retrofit the vehicle fleet.



Business and Product Analyst

October 2014 – March 2015| Private Investment Firm

Product planner for a business startup for US medical market.

  • Competitive intelligence to obtain transparency into competing and allied entities.
  • US Patent/Intellectual property pathway analysis.
  • Advisory board creation and primary source research.
  • Strategic planning for the business and early operational set up and the design of the pilot and the product roadmap.



April 2013 – October 2014 | Various

Created a wide range of exciting and interesting material for diverse clients:

  • Researching and writing business case studies for an enterprise resource planning integrator based in India.
  • Technical writer developing implementation, admin and user guides for an enterprise security product offering single-sign on for role-based services, data and entitlements to banks.
  • Business plan writer for a medical compliance/tele-heath start-up.
  • Needs analysis, documentation and training for users of OHIP’s medical billing for the Assistive Devices/Home Oxygen Program in Ontario.
  • Optimizing on-line help to improve search engine results for a SAAS product.
  • Graphic design of advertising collateral for various clients including ERP software, an upcoming documentary film and other clients.
  • Ghostwriting a scientific literature survey about electronics waste recycling in Europe, Africa, South Asia and China.
  • Business plan and white paper author to secure VC investment for a SAAS product.
  • Photographer supplying journalistic images for the newsroom drama Les jeunes loups.
  • Documentary film production including sound recording, title design, marketing and continuity.


Product Development and Education Manager

June 2012 – April 2013| Freightopolis

Documentation consultant for a SAAS start-up that began offering international logistics freight services to carriers and manufacturers.

  • Created detailed business requirements and ensured these were implemented as new software features.
  • Deployed and administered a corporate intranet for documentation and technical support that improved internal communications for a distributed team.
  • Participated in QA testing, feature change requests and new feature design.
  • Oversaw vendor relationships and deliverables.
  • Scoped, designed and wrote user documentation for internal and external products from scratch including book design, infographics, authoring and technical validation.
  • Wrote, storyboarded, recorded and produced training videos that sped market adoption.
  • Developed and enforced documentation templates and standards, eliminating costly re-work.
  • Researched and made technology purchase recommendations.
  • Wrote courseware, study guides and certification exams. The result was faster, more standardized training, fewer new hire terminations and useful performance benchmarks for management.


Senior Content Developer

January 2011 – January 2012 | Ryma Technology Solutions

Ryma provided product management consulting services and software to public companies.

  • Wrote software documentation for knowledge management and feature planning for enterprise software.
  • Working closely with subject matter experts, designed educational templates that improved customer documentation.
  • Made recommendations for improved business processes.
  • Developed and deployed an internal educational wiki, improving internal communication.
  • Wrote technical educational presentations that shortened our sales cycle.



Freelance Technical Writer

March 2010 – January  2011 | Various

Created a wide range of exciting and interesting material for diverse clients:

  • Documentation consultant for a status report on the current and future state of the North West Territories Department of Health and Social Services e-health infrastructure.
  • Getty Photography Agency contributor.
  • CD and web site design for an album to promote hearing loss awareness.
  • Press releases for a medicine compliance firm that serves the United States and Canada
  • Marketing materials for micro-genetics software.
  • Instructional design of E-learning modules for delivery via smartphones in South East Asia and the US.
  • Graphic design for an e-learning reseller in Canada.
  • Marketing materials for an accounting company in Montreal.
  • Documentation for a medication compliance firm serving the US and Canada.
  • Business writing for Canadian manufacturers in the film and optical industries.

Senior Technical Writer

November 2008 – February 2010 | MEI CPG

MEI develops and deploys financial software for manufacturers and brokers in the consumer package goods industry for the UK, the United States and Canada.

  • Wrote educational materials for developing, current and legacy products.
  • Updated technical documents shortened our sales cycle. The improvement in fault tolerance also reduced technical support costs.
  • Developed and implemented a documentation roadmap that eliminated multiple manually-updated content silos for technical, sales and product information.
  • Created technical and general marketing sales materials, including sales documentation, sales slide shows and production of trade show HD videos.
  • Graphic design and illustration.
  • Supervised vendors.

Senior Technical Writer

February 2006 – July 2008 | Mecanica Solutions

Mecanica Solutions provides engineering services and product life cycle management software to automotive and aviation manufacturers, and Formula 1 racing in Europe and North America.

  • Working closely with subject matter experts, wrote ten training manuals with tutorials for web-based product life cycle management products including document management, project/program management, aviation wire harness circuit intelligence, as well as volume, mass and centre of gravity CATIA analysis software.
  • Co-authored research and development reports for securing tax credits and RFPs.
  • Made purchase recommendations for research materials and state-of-the-art software, improving business processes.
  • Developed brand strategy, creative direction and copywriting for marketing materials such as corporate web sites (information architecture, iconography, content), pamphlets, PowerPoint presentations and sales collateral.
  • Coordinated brand strategy with sales and product teams.
  • Edited industry news blogs.
  • Search Engine optimization and website analytics.
  • Design duties included photography, technical illustration and lay-out.

Technical Writer and Creative Lead

July 2003 – February 2006 | Beginfinite

Beginfinite is a developer of anti-spam and anti-virus software for Novell, RIM and other messaging products.

  • Interviewed content experts for case studies, white papers and technical training materials that improved sales and raised our firm’s profile in the Novell electronic security community.
  • Documented six network security products, creating dynamic, effective manuals, courseware, installation guides and Wikis that cut technical support costs, boosted customer satisfaction and increased profitability.
  • Developed and implemented marketing strategy and collateral for the NetCleanse division.
  • Photography and illustration.
  • Wrote and co-wrote extensive training materials for internal and external audiences.
  • Negotiated with and supervised vendors and technical artists.

Freelance Creative Services

April 2001 – June 2003 | Various

Created a wide range of exciting and interesting material for clients in diverse industries including:

  • Myxt: Business plan authoring for a clinical equipment manufacturing start-up.
  • CREM: Created brand strategy and marketing for an industrial electronics recycling service.
  • Group VST: Wrote web-based case studies for a firm specializing in internet-based video surveillance.
  • Corfit: Copy editor for a series of fitness textbooks.
  • WedEase: Press releases for a wedding industry portal.
  • Montréal Media: Wrote engaging promotional copy for high technology clients.

Editor and Policy Analyst

October 1998 – April 2001 | IC Axon

Developer of multimedia courseware, physician and pharmaceutical educational materials, and medical software in Europe and North America.

  • Wrote user documentation and on-line help for web-based pharmacy software that increased customer profits and productivity.
  • Scripted, edited and storyboarded innovative and engaging computer-based training courses, cutting both training time and costs.
  • Created new, better organized on-line medical instructional templates as well as designed and wrote pharmaceutical sales rep training multimedia courseware. Developed material for on-line instructional games for physicians. This encouraged medical students to learn science in a fun and innovative manner.
  • Managed a productive and diverse writing team.
  • Researched, wrote and presented training seminars.
  • Managed and kept up-to-date corporate web sites, wrote promotional copy and developed marketing collateral.
  • Researched and contributed analyses to company business plans and performed extensive competitive intelligence, increasing the effectiveness of management decision-making. Created and published daily web reports detailing and explaining changes in medical science, technology, industry, politics, and the Internet. This improved productivity, decision-making, and sped-up adoption of IC Axon products by physicians and corporations.
  • Analyzed server logs for pharmaceutical product web site traffic.



June1995 – October 1998 | Various

Journalist at regional weeklies in the Ottawa Valley, northern Ontario and Québec.

  • Duties included coverage of public health, business, politics, government, agriculture, crime and general news in Ontario and Québec.
  • Feature writing
  • Photography and darkroom
  • Pagination and pre-press
  • Deadline driven


  • A., Journalism and Philosophy, double major with a minor in the History of Science Concordia University.
  • E.C, Creative Arts Vanier College



  • Platforms: Macintosh, *nix, Windows
  • Software: Microsoft Office, project management software such as MS Project and Basecamp, CRMs (Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce), Adobe Creative Suite, Lightroom web server log analysis software, Madcap Flare/Robohelp, Captivate, Camtasia, wikis, WordPress, FrameMaker and teamshare systems such as Sharepoint/Confluence, MEI Troubadour, PLM360 product suite, bug/issue tracking software, mail  blast services (MailChimp), feature planning/change request software (Jira/VersionOne,KANBAN), XML authoring tools, digital asset management/document control, network security and monitoring software such as GWAVA and others, courseware systems such as Chalk and HotLava, vaulting and versioning products such as GIT and Subversion.
  • Photography, darkroom, digital image processing and off camera lighting
  • Scripting, storyboarding, multimedia production and post-processing audio and video transcoding.
  • Pagination and pre-press, including wide format printing and packaging printing.
  • Graphic design
  • Bilingual



  • Elected 2010-2012 President of the Montreal Chapter of the Society of Technical Communication (then ArsCommunica), after serving on the chapter executive since 2003 and as president in 2007-2008. Former member of STC-UK. As such, I planned and organized more than two dozen instructor-led training events for technical/scientific writers and translators.
  • Other interests: High-fi audio, history of science and technology, wombats, nineteenth century history, military history, automobiles, politics and current affairs and interplanetary travel.


  • 2008: FICPA Most Original Convention Booth: Retain, a product for Blackberry Enterprise Server.
  • 2006: BBC Radio Scotland selected one of my photographs for its Advent calendar.
  • 2000: Prix D’Excellence from IC Axon for developing MyPatient.Com, a multimedia continuing medical education courseware product for physicians.