No-one wanted the downturn but it’s here.

How can you survive in the downturn? There are three tips that may help.

  1. Look like a winner.

Basic social psychology: If people think something is popular then we are disposed to liking it. A practical example is that people tend to want to eat in a busy restaurant.

Why? Well, if the restaurant is empty we tend to assume something is wrong with the kitchen!

The same thing applies with other businesses. Make sure your truck gets washed, that the shop floor looks tidy and that everything is in good repair.

People like to back a winner. People want to be on the winning team.

  1. Don’t stop marketing

Now more than ever customers will be looking for deals. If you are out of sight you risk being out of mind.

Also, now’s the time to professionalize your marketing. Are you really getting bang for your marketing buck? Prove it. Can you really say where your marketing spending is most effective? Can you track a sale back to any specific marketing act or ad?

If not, it’s time to professionalize.

  1. Tend to your community

In olden times villagers were stuck with whatever butcher, shoemaker or tailor they had. Not so today. With social media and the Internet customers can replace you in a hurry.

What ever your product, focus on making it good but also take command of your relationship ‘with the village’. Answer questions. Make sure there are no misunderstandings or miscommunications.