Client Type: Network level anti-spam/anti-virus software

A software company specializing in network level anti-spam and anti-virus software had difficulty differentiating itself.

What to do

The customers for these products were large institutions such as governments, education bodies and utilities. Getting non-technical decision makers to understand how and why the product was better than the competition was a challenge.

The solution

Case studies were the answer. We interviewed previous customers and wrote articles. These reference clients helped decision makes see that customers ‘like them’ were using the product.

We had case studies for public utilities, transport authorities, schools and other types of institutions.

The impact

Technologies such as these are essentially black boxes to non technical managers. These case studies showed them how similar institutions were using the products. How? By helping non-technical managers learn about the issues, and manage their own expectations. It also gave potential clients confidence that similar institutions were using the product successfully.

Moving Forward

I went on to take over the documentation for that company and the marketing for one of its divisions.

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