Client Type: Manufacturer

A successful manufacturer of institutional, commercial and bespoke residential furnishings was doing well but found itself in an unusual situation. Half their business was coming through one designer.

While the boutique manufacturer and reseller had an excellent relationship with this designer, it is a single point of failure. What happens if this person gets the ‘flu?

What to do

There are a great many companies making and reselling interior furnishings. Some of their web sites look like catalogues, others merely list the brands they resell.

Because this firm specialized in fine fabrics and custom work, I decided to tell stories to specific personas. I had two sections:

  • A section speaking directly to designers. This explained how the firm was ready to service designers specifically and gave examples of the firm made designers look great in front of their clients.
  • A section attractive to the clients of designers – exclusive fabrics, upholstery and custom carpentry was mentioned along with liberal use of photographs.

There were also other sections for commercial and industrial clients and another encouraging walk in business for residential clients at the factory showroom.

The impact?

An attractive, well organized site that diversified their client portfolio.

Moving Forward

I also undertook a gap analysis of their manufacturing process. After interviewing management and their employees studied several order fulfilment products for that industry and made a recommendation for a product that I believe will serve the firm well for some time.